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For more than 25 years, Rete CAUTO has been implementing social innovation projects to facilitate processes of cohesion. We co-design processes aimed at creating participatory networks in the communities with which we collaborate.

We facilitate dialogue between the stakeholders in the local area - public bodies, schools, the third sector, companies and citizens - helping them to be the creators and protagonists of solutions to the needs emerging in their own communities. Attention to the environment, to people and to quality are the hallmark of our DNA. Every day we work in the local area through discussion, listening and interaction. This modus operandi made up of environmental action, social action and interconnected action becomes generative for the Community.

We are part of the educating community and we address public bodies, schools, companies and the third sector with the desire to share our social and environmental know-how and put it at the service of the needs and interests of the stakeholders with whom we dialogue. We co-design social cohesion paths in the communities that trigger a vision of common good and community welfare between subjects who, although close to each other, have specific points of view that risk generating wasted resources and energy through divergence.

Within CAUTO, the Officina Sociale (Social Workshop) is the sector that delivers our consultancy services for Social Innovation: an example of this is the pathways to facilitate the start-up of services such as Banco di Comunità (Community Bank)  and Dispensa Sociale. A highly specialised team of planners, facilitators and educators accompanies clients to design and build networks within their territories, to strengthen those proximity ties that involve subjects of different nature: citizens, enterprises, associations, schools, companies.

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