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We devote ourselves with professionalism and passion to the care of green areas, both public and private. We take care of gardens and public parks, but also condominium and company green areas. We believe that the wellbeing of citizens also depends on the cleanliness and beauty of the green spaces that surround us.

Our Green area management sector is there to provide you with an efficient and personalised service. We cater for a diverse range of customers, including public authorities, nature reserves, businesses and schools, and can offer a custom service to all of the above.

Our teams are made up of staff with many years of experience, who are able to offer design, implementation and maintenance services for all types of 'green space'.

Among the main services we provide are: supply and planting of plants and flowers, phytosanitary and pesticide treatments, pruning of plants including with platforms and treeclimbing, weeding and leaf collection.

We guarantee the utmost safety in our work, working with project-specific equipment and disposing of the green materials resulting from our work.

Craftsmanship and professionalism are at the core of our green sector's work, which, besides being one of CAUTO's traditional and highly specialised activities, is also the opportunity for our Social Cooperative to implement several job placement projects dedicated to vulnerable people (L.381/91).

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Football pitches corresponding to square metres of green spaces maintained in 2020
Years of Public and Private Green Area Care
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Green Academy puts in place a series of professional and personal promotion interventions, through the implementation of growth and empowerment paths oriented towards training and the acquisition of technical-professional experience and knowledge in the environmental field

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