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Community for us is a plural concept that integrates two different dimensions. On the one hand, the local community, which is part of our "being" and "doing" social enterprise and providing services; on the other, our internal community made up of members, workers, collaborators and volunteers, with whom our cooperative organisation has direct experience of organisational models and participatory governance.

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Our work is social, in the broadest sense of the term: it is the fruit of work, manual skills and inclusion, but it is also an expression of the study of new models capable of designing networks and system actions to respond to emerging needs within our communities. In order to do all this, we dialogue and co-design with a plurality of subjects, including public administrations, companies, third sector organisations, citizens and the world of education.

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Urban Innovative Actions

CAUTO's Community Bank model for S.T.E.P.S. the new European project of the Municipality of Verona in order to face the global challenge of urban demographic changes with local social cohesion

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