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Your used clothes are precious! Ri-VESTI il mondo di valore is the name of the separate collection of used clothes. A collection

Every time you choose to separate your clothes and take them to the yellow "containers of value" bins, you reduce the production of unsorted waste and the related environmental costs for disposal. Moreover, your gesture puts goods back into circulation that will be reused by others, feeding an ethical supply chain that, for over twenty years, has generated inclusive work for people with serious difficulties.

Have you ever wondered where clothes "end up" and who they go to? The clothes we recover are examined, sorted and properly sanitized to be then resold in the  second-hand shops of CAUTO Network, SpigolandiaandSpigo, or recycled and transformed into new clothes and accessories by the work of selected business partners thanks to the R.I.U.S.E. network.

For more than twenty years, the CAUTO Social Cooperative has been dealing with this ethical supply chain in collaboration with Caritas Diocesana di Brescia. In March 2014, the project "RI-Vesti il mondo di VALORE" was also launched. An information and communication project that aims to explain and tell citizens, families and students of all levels that only this type of separate collection of used clothing generates integrated sustainability - social, environmental and economic value - for our communities.

Transparency, legality and the future guide our action, which in 2017 was further strengthened by joining the solidarity network R.I.U.S.E. (Raccolta, Indumenti, Usati, Solidale ed Etica), reserved for social cooperatives or non-profit social enterprises with a link to Caritas Diocesana, called upon to manage the collection of used clothing free of charge for municipal administrations.

Whether as a citizen, a public administrator or a private entity, you can really make a difference by choosing to participate in our used clothes collection and protecting your area from "pseudo-solidarity" used clothes collections. The collection of used clothes of CAUTO and Caritas Diocesana di Brescia is in fact marked by the Solid'R label, the first and only European recognition of quality that distinguishes the ethical and social quality of the work of collecting used clothing.

If you would like to find out more about the RI-Vesti il Mondo di VALORE project and its ethical supply chain, visit the dedicated website RI-Vesti il Mondo di VALORE..

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