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Through our in-house software house ITA-CA, we provide companies, public and private organisations with IT and management consulting services in the areas of organisation and human resources management, as well as developing software dedicated to waste monitoring and management.

The CAUTO Network has consolidated a wealth of highly specialised knowledge that has been translated and managed over the years thanks to innovative management software and IT solutions: products designed to manage data and relationships with particular focus on safeguarding IT assets. We develop management packages based on the needs and requirements of our clients, in constant collaboration with them.

ITA-CA concentrates the many years of experience and skills of experienced professionals in a dynamic team: software developers, web developers, analysts and systems engineers, web designers and content managers. This wealth of IT skills, developed and tested first and foremost within our organisation, now becomes a structured package of services that we are able to develop in a customised manner for our clients.

We have always transformed the resources offered by the Environment into opportunities and work paths that promote human dignity. The Digital Environment is the new frontier of resource management that we embrace thanks to ITA-CA and with which we lead our partners into the future.

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