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Circular Economy and Holistic Ecology are embodied in our Dispensa Sociale service: a place for reuse and recycling open to hundreds of associations in the area, dedicated to recovering foodstuffs (but not only) and redistributing them for social purposes.

Thanks to the synergic and joint work of the social cooperative CAUTO and the MAREMOSSO Voluntary Association, we are able to recover more than 3,000 TONS of food per year; at the same time, more and more goods of another nature, including furniture, objects and medical equipment, are also arriving at our Dispensa Sociale. Dispensa Sociale is a virtuous model of circularity and  co-planning: at our premises, more than 200 local associations find answers to the food and material needs of their users, which they then redistribute in their own communities.

The goods recovered in the form of donations come from large retailers, fruit and vegetable markets and virtuous companies, as well as donations from many environmentally aware citizens.  Among the main donors are food companies, canteens and many hypermarkets and supermarkets that can donate their unsold, no longer marketable goods to our Dispensa Sociale (l. 155/2003 Good Samaritan Law).

Donating to the MAREMOSSO  Dispensa Sociale has the dual purpose of cutting down on disposal costs, reducing the production of waste, and at the same time guaranteeing, from a circular economy perspective, the possibility of putting these goods back into circulation, responding to the food and material needs of thousands of people. Today, we can count on a cutting-edge logistics platform for sorting in terms of safety and hygiene, as well as storage facilities and means of transport suited to the characteristics of the goods received. All this allows our Dispensa Sociale to be recognised by the Lombardy Region as a regional collection and sorting hub.

Moreover, this circular economy model has become a tool for social inclusion for vulnerable Moreover, this circular economy model has become a tool individuals.

The Dispensa SocialeSociale is a great opportunity for Social Responsibility::

  • For companies that donate products that are no longer marketable, or that directly support the Dispensa Sociale by increasing the quality of the nutritional value of products destined for the needy;
  • For public administrations that reduce environmental costs by cutting down on waste disposal and reduce social costs, thanks to the inclusion and cohesion choices on which the model is based;
  • For everyone, thanks to the enhancement of natural and human resources!

If you are interested or would like to know more, please contact us or fill in the form.

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Do you want to activate a Social Dispensation in your territory?

Social Dispensation is the result of a management and organizational model conceived by CAUTO: a generative model of social innovation and bearer of well-being for the communities to which it refers.

If you want to activate a Social Dispensation on your territory fill out the form. The team of Officina Sociale of CAUTO, formed by designers, facilitators and educators will support you in building a network and acquire technical knowledge in order to strengthen those ties of proximity that involve in your territory subjects of different nature: citizens, companies, associations, schools, companies. 

Are you a company and want to join the MAREMOSSO solidarity network?

If you are a company that produces goods you can choose to feed the circular economy chains promoted by MAREMOSSO by donating your products.

In Italy more than 15% of food is wasted and thrown away, with relative disposal costs. At the same time, people and families in need are on the increase. As a company you can choose change and reverse course: your surplus food or unsold products, but still in good condition, can be recovered for social purposes, preventing the production of waste and avoiding to your company the costs of disposal.


  • Because it reduces the production of waste: the donated products are taken away from disposal in landfill or incinerator in this way helps the environment.
  • Because you also earn through economic benefits avoiding the costs of waste disposal or obtaining tax benefits (Law 166/16) and tax benefits on income and VAT, thanks to donations of goods.
  • To generate solidarity and social inclusion. The recovered goods are distributed to people who need them; in addition, the work in the logistic management of donations generates job insertion and social opportunities and meeting between the people and volunteers involved.
  • To enhance your business reputation. Doing good also pays off in terms of competitive advantages: the company that takes part in concrete initiatives of environmental and social sustainability of the territory is an integral part of the community of reference and is positively perceived outside.

Contact us by filling out the form if you want to know more about how to activate the partnership agreement and the document procedure to activate the scheduled collection service and secure asset management.

The legislation on donations and benefits for those who choose to donate

The Law n.155/2003 called Law of the Good Samaritan regulates and encourages donations of food for disposal by equating the "final consumer" to the Npos that provide free distribution to the needy. The bureaucratic obligations that complicate the assistance to the destitute disappear. MAREMOSSO in phase of agreement declares the taking in charge of the donated products removing any responsibility to the donor.

More recently, the contribution made to the gestation of Law Gadda 166/16 "Provisions concerning the donation and distribution of food and pharmaceutical products for the purpose of social solidarity and for the limitation of waste" granting municipalities the right to apply a reduction coefficient of the tariff on waste for productive activities that produce and distribute food and that give it free of charge, even indirectly to the poor or for animal feed.

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Dispensa Sociale For The Garda Region

Dispensa Sociale is the model of social innovation conceived by CAUTO and managed by MAREMOSSO. In 2021 Dispensa Sociale, the provincial HUB for the recovery and redistribution of food for social purposes, will expand its network in the Garda area with a project created for Garda Sociale, the consortium company that brings together 22 municipalities in the Garda area.

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