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Do you need to process or dispose of your business waste? CAUTO is your partner! Are you looking for materials to be recycled? Thanks to our system we collect, select and start to recycle different types of materials. We can also guide you in the design and management of a plant within your company, for waste treatment.

Thanks to the authorised waste storageand treatment platform at the headquarters of the CAUTO Social Cooperative, every year we recover over 50,000 tons of waste. The CAUTO plant manages and selects various types of materials. After processing -paper and cardboard of different types, plastic, metals, WEEE, wood, vare valued to be marketed and started to recycle preferring neighboring realities territorially; realizing projects inspired by principles of concrete circular economy.

In addition to treating the waste delivered from the outside in our plant, we are able to supportcompanies and bodies in the design and continuous management of ad hoc plantsat the locations identified by them. The technical and management know-how that CAUTO can provide is the result of the technical capacity matured in years of management of our plant.

We work every day alongside public bodies and private companies including the Large Organized Distribution. The service designed for external customers involves different sectors of the cooperative and is based on a flexible logistics, able to respond effectively and efficiently to the most varied needs. We offer a turnkey service, managing the entire construction of new plants and also, through our Technical Environmental Consultancy office the management of documentation of authorization practicesand permits required, in compliance with technical requirements-necessary legal.

In addition, the presence of our highly qualified operators in the new company facilities, allows you to achieve high levels of performanceand to activate  job placement projects for fragile people ( L.381/91), in collaboration between our Social Cooperative and the company..

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The CAUTO waste treatment and storage facility

We invest daily in waste reduction and value-added processes, generating new jobs. That is why we have built an authorised platform for the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and for the treatment of non-hazardous waste delivered to our premises.

The CAUTO plant, designed with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind, works to high technical and environmental standards. The total waste management area covers 12,612 m2, divided into various types of waste and equipped with a sorting cabin with a belt for plastic and a press for paper.

Waste treatment begins with the delivery of waste by our authorised vehicles or by external hauliers. Each discharge is inspected by our operators, recovering every possible fraction. To ensure maximum energy efficiency, the plant is also equipped with 4,500 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

the work of collecting used clothing. The choice shared with Caritas is to spread throughout the community a culture of holistic ecology, taking into account the social, environmental and economic value that is generated.

Alongside the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the containers, there is also the treatment of the garments collected with a view to a new cycle of use through the sale of used clothing or recycling, primarily in our second-hand shops. The service is enhanced by the Ri-VESTI il Mondo di Valore communication campaign, which can be seen on the collection containers and also on custom tools for customers. The campaign describes the entire recovery chain with the aim of raising public awareness.

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