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We transform the sun's energy into clean energy and environmental sustainability. Are you looking for an energy solution that is efficient and at the same time safe for you and the environment? Photovoltaics is the answer.

The CAUTO Network, through the job placement cooperative Cantiere del Sole is involved in energy saving and has been doing so for over 15 years. We design solutions that take into account the latest technologies available in the photovoltaic sector. After an initial analysis of consumption, we design interventions aimed at improving the energy performance of condominium, public and corporate buildings.

Our environmental work is combined with our social work, transforming it into job opportunities for dozens of people within the framework of job placement. Over the years, we have acquired high-profile skills in the design of all types of photovoltaic systems and the electrical systems connected to them, as well as routine and extraordinary emergency maintenance.

Our offer is completed by the design and implementation of industrial and civil electrical systems including: CCTV and burglar alarm systems, structured cabling and home automation systems. In addition to designing and setting up traditional electrical systems, we are able to devise solutions aimed at real energy saving through the implementation of LED systems. LED lighting sources have countless advantages: duration, efficiency, savings and are today the most intelligent, functional and sustainable light sources.

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R!GENERA – Passi Sostenibili is the project to reduce the environmental impact to reduce waste of water, energy and matter

R!GENERA the CAUTO's project designed to make sustainability a concrete experience, reducing the environmental impact in the workplace.

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