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Do you need to clear your house, cellar, warehouse or shop? Our clearing and removal service helps you, but at the same time it is good for the environment.

We have always carried out clearing and removals with the care and reliability of flexible teams and vehicles commensurate with the service required. Our operators are at your side to guarantee an efficient and personalised service. Each operation is custom, guaranteeing suitable packaging and ¬safe transport.

This service has always enabled us to recover goods and objects under the auspices of a new economy based on reuse and recycling, which is expressed in our second-hand shops.

Whether you are a private citizen, a school or a company, contact us and we will arrange an inspection to build a custom quote together with you, based on your needs.

Clearances every year
Remanufactured and reconditioned goods delivered
Square metres of space dedicated to recovered goods


Our supply chain

What you no longer need very often still has value and can be given a new lease of life by helping other people. In our sheltered workshop, under the banner of the non-waste philosophy, many people who are on work integration schemes find work.

What you no longer use is valued by us so that it can be put back into circulation. To significantly reduce waste, the service provides for the recovery, valuation and valorisation of stocks and inventories of shops, companies and businesses.

In our 450 square metres of space dedicated to recovered goods, the non-waste philosophy recovers objects, furniture and goods of various kinds, which are then donated to local associations or resold in our second-hand shops at reasonable prices.

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