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Acting interconnected.
The QUALITY of the services we provide is based on our ability to create networks with others. Our interconnectedness is the result of professionalism and skills, but also of creativity and innovation.


Social action, people
and the communities they belong to are at the heart of everything we do. Inclusion is the hallmark of our social action which, through our work, enhances the uniqueness and talents of each individual.


For us, ENVIRONMENT means sustainability.
Our responsible business
practice becomes an ecological
action aimed at reducing waste and making the most of natural resources.


The CAUTO Network is our organisational and participatory model of governance.
Through our Through our Through our integrated sustainability.


Our social enterprise is based on the centrality of the individual, care for the environment and the quality of the services we provide. Our action is generative and its social nature is the distinctive feature of our corporate DNA.


In accordance with a logic of ecosystems and mutuality, we participate in different organisations. We promote collaboration and joint projects to be shared with different stakeholders, whether they are companies, cooperatives, public or private bodies.
Networking is the hallmark of our social and environmental action.

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Respect the enviroment
even with small acts

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