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For us, the Circular Economy has always meant giving things a new life. If it is true that nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed, reuse and recycling become the watchwords that you will find applied in our second-hand shops.

At SPIGO and Spigolandia, a large part of the products on sale comes from the ethical chain of the collection of used clothes. CAUTO, through its  collection “Ri-Vesti di Valore”, in collaboration with Caritas Diocesana of Brescia, participates in the R.I.U.S.E. Network. Moreover, much of what is displayed in our shops is the result of many donations from individuals who want to contribute to our Circular Economy project.

At SPIGO and Spigolandia, through the Vetrina d'Autore exhibition initiative, there is also room for many handcrafted objects that espouse the philosophy of upcycling: the creative reuse of materials to give objects a new lease of life, transforming them into unique and precious artefacts, handmade masterfully by artists and craftsmen.

For us, giving things a new lease of life also means guaranteeing affordable prices.

We are waiting for you, come and visit us!

Second-hand shops active in Brescia
Remanufactured goods and put back into circulation
Books recovered each year

Find out more about the offer of SPIGO and Spigolandia!

In our second-hand shops, nice shopping for the eyes and good shopping for the environment.

SPIGOLANDIA is our historic second hand shop in Via Mantova in Brescia: seven hundred square meters distributed over several floors where you will find a wide range of clothing for adults and children,furniture, books, games for children. In Spigolandia you can find clothes and objects in perfect condition and properly sanitized before being exposed.

SPIGO is the new shop dedicated to the second hand of Rete CAUTO, arrived at ELNÒS Shopping in October 2020. At SPIGO it is possible to buy men-women’s clothes and fashion accessories, becoming protagonists of a colorful purchase, smart and often vintage that in addition to being "beautiful for the eyes" "is good for the environment". LOVE, ALIVE and REGENERATE is the motto of the new store, to indicate how the Circular Economy can translate into daily practice in the choice to give a second life to things, regenerating them without creating waste.

To learn more and stay updated on the latest news visit the dedicated site. 

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