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How to implement an effective and efficient model of participatory governance? The CAUTO Network has done so and has structured a training-consultancy course to allow others to find their own answer.

In today's highly variable and complex environment, learning from experience, looking at change and defining governance models to make organisational structures resilient are increasingly necessary aspects of doing business.

Through a team of experienced trainers, we translate the abstract definition of participatory governance into a concrete and practicable path that results in greater well-being and more "Generative Corporate Welfare". 

We facilitate forms of co-responsibility between management, members, workers and stakeholders, both within production processes and in defining the strategic orientation of the organisation. This makes it possible to develop a governance model capable of enhancing the cooperative principles also referred to in Sustainable Development Goal 8 in relation to sustainable economic growth.

Based on our experience in the field, primarily within the CAUTO Network, and on the skills acquired over the years in training and research, we help for-profit companies and public and third sector organisations to initiate bottom-up processes of organisational innovation. Our training-consultancy courses are able to make human resources "entrepreneurial and productive", thus optimising company performance..

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Years of experience in participatory governance and welfare
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Governance model for the SRC with Invitalia feasibility study

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PARTECIPO®: training courses and consultancy paths integrated with a toolkit, designed for the involvement of its employees and collaborators.

The new Rete CAUTO project dedicated to companies, organizations and public administrations to create inclusive and attractive work environments, support the development of the company and contribute to the achievement of social sustainability objectives.

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