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The wellbeing and safety of everyone also depends on the cleanliness and healthiness of the rooms and workspaces; this is why we have set up an innovative and comprehensive sanitisation and cleaning service.

Our operators are at your side to guarantee you an efficient and personalised service. We cater to various public and private customers.

We have developed a combined sanitisation service that mixes the use of various interventions: ozone treatments with state-of-the-art generators, high-temperature treatments using a steam generator and touch treatments on sensitive surfaces using certified medical devices.

Our operators use quality products that are as natural as possible (ozone and steam) to ensure the sanitisation and cleaning of different types of rooms, surfaces and services. We respond with ordinary and planned interventions, but also for extraordinary situations and needs.

Craftsmanship and professionalism are the basis of our work, which is also the opportunity that allows our Social Cooperative to set up numerous work placement projects dedicated to vulnerable people (L.381/91).

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R!GENERA – Passi Sostenibili is the project to reduce the environmental impact to reduce waste of water, energy and matter

R!GENERA the CAUTO's project designed to make sustainability a concrete experience, reducing the environmental impact in the workplace.

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