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The issue of environmental sustainability is one of the great challenges of our millennium. Thanks to choices made in accordance with corporate social responsibility, more and more companies and organisations can contribute to reducing their environmental impact.

The CAUTO Network is at its customers' side as a technical partner able to initiate and guide the process of change towards a new "ecological transition". This process, which is primarily a source of cultural change, is translated into new circular economy solutions geared to the "production-consumption-disposal" cycle.

Based on the type of services or products that are offered externally, our experts provide an analysis of the environmental impact by identifying specific indicators for each reality.

Gli aspetti su cui intervenire possono variare dalla riduzione del consumo energetico e delle emissioni, al risparmio di acqua, passando dall’abbattimento dei costi di smaltimento dei rifiuti indifferenziati prodotti.

The aspects that need to be addressed range from reducing energy consumption and emissions to saving water and reducing the cost of disposing of the unsorted waste produced. After an initial assessment, a specific strategy for reducing environmental impact is articulated which, in addition to being good for the environment, optimises efficiency and costs for the organisation undertaking it. The indicators chosen will be monitored throughout the process to measure the results obtained at the end. Constant evaluation also allows the implementation of actions to improve the process, and also to generate a sustainability report with which "virtuous" companies can account for their choices to stakeholders.

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Life SALVAGuARDiA è il progetto europeo ideato da CAUTO e finanziato nell’ambito di Life 2020 Call for Proposals from NGOs on the European Green Deal (NGO4GD) con il contributo di Fondazione Cariplo.

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