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URBAN HYGIENE is for us a definition that is full of value: a heterogeneous world made up of the skilful craftsmanship of our operators and a logistical-managerial know-how acquired over many years of experience in the field.

Our services of URBAN HYGIENE are oriented towards the desire to work alongside the territories, paying attention to people and the care of the places they inhabit. Our reference area has always been the entire Province of Brescia, where we work alongside numerous communities.

The services gathered around the definition of URBAN HYGIENE are diverse and manifold: from differentiated waste collection, to the management of municipal collection centres, to cleaning and sweeping services.

These services, besides being one of CAUTO's traditional and highly specialised activities, are also an opportunity for our Social Cooperative to implement several job placementprojects dedicated to vulnerable people (L.381/91).

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Separate collection and transport of waste

Thanks to our highly professionalized know-how we are able to carry out different types of separate collection, monitoring the reduction of waste produced to avoid landfill disposal. Flexibility and variety are guaranteed by our authorizations, logistics and our fleet of about 100 vehicles. The collections are modulated ad hoc for the Municipalities according to the specific territorial needs. We manage 7 different fractions of materials: paper, plastic, glass and cans, organic fraction of municipal solid waste (FORSU), vegetables, batteries, exhausted batteries, unsorted municipal waste (MSW). We are also able to offer customized services for the home collection of bulky items. Attached are the service charters for the municipalities of Dello and Gussago. For the Municipalities of Bovegno, Brione, Collio, Gardone Vt, Lodrino, Marcheno, Marmentino, Nuvolento, Nuvolera, Pezzaze, Polaveno, Prevalle, Sarezzo, Villa Carcina you can see the service cards by accessing the website: www.apricaspa.it/cittadini

Management of ecological islands

We oversee the collection centers - ecological islands - present in the municipal areas with guardian and waste management activities. Over time we have innovated a traditional service through a new design idea: thus the Reuse Islands were born, located within the ecological islands, with the aim of enhancing the goods still in good condition, encouraging direct delivery by citizens. in predefined areas of the collection centers. The objects collected and transported to the CAUTO headquarters, once sanitized, are directed towards new possibilities of reuse. The Reuse Islands, distinguished by a registered trademark, represent an example of virtuous evolution of waste management from a circular economy perspective: a service for the citizen that is transformed into a new ecological awareness of the community.

Cleaning and sweeping

The objects collected and transported to CAUTO's premises, once sanitised, are directed towards new possibilities of reuse. The Reuse Centres, marked by a registered trademark, represent an example of virtuous evolution of waste management in view of the circular economy: a service for the citizen that turns into a new ecological awareness of the community.

We believe that the wellbeing of the area also depends on the cleanliness and healthiness of public spaces. The places where people spend their leisure time and social life are, for us, an environment that deserves attention and care. We support public administrations by providing sweeping and cleaning services for streets and squares. We operate on a continuous and planned basis, as well as during "extraordinary" events.

Separate collection of used clothing

A central part of our work has always been the collection of used clothes, which we have been managing since 1999 in collaboration with Caritas Diocesana di Brescia. The collection involves emptying the containers placed throughout the local area in agreement with administrations and private bodies. There are over 500 "yellow bins" in 90 municipalities in the province of Brescia.

The collection of used clothing by CAUTO and Caritas Diocesana of Brescia is marked by the Solid'R label, the first and only European value recognition that distinguishes the ethical and social quality of the work of collecting used clothing. The choice shared with Caritas is to spread throughout the community a culture of holistic ecology, taking into account the social, environmental and economic value that is generated.

Alongside the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the containers, there is also the treatment of the garments collected with a view to a new cycle of use through the sale of used clothing or recycling, primarily in our second-hand shops. The service is enhanced by the Ri-VESTI il Mondo di Valore communication campaign, which can be seen on the collection containers and also on custom tools for customers. The campaign describes the entire recovery chain with the aim of raising public awareness.

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