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You have to dispose of your company’s waste? CAUTO can help you by providing collection and disposal services for multiple categories of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In addition to managing certain categories in our plant, we are able to provide an intermediation service to accompany you in choosing the most qualified partners.

Waste management is a central aspect in the life of the company and requires continuous regulatory updates. Surface management, in addition to causing economic, ecological and, consequently, image damage, may also have criminal consequences in the most serious cases.

In order to live with serenity and safety the management of your company waste we organize customized service packages according to the different types of company waste to be disposed of: paper and cardboard, wood, plastic, mixed waste, metals, electronic, toner, document files, hazardous waste, and much more. The service is based on a complex logistics, flexible and effective, which meets the most varied needs.

Depending on your needs we can also accompany you in brokering with the most qualified partners. Through our Technical Environmental Consultancy we guide you in the correct classification of waste and we can take charge of the entire procedure and monitor it through management software made ad hoc.

We deal with periodic and/ or occasional collections with the reliability of teams and flexible equipment (bins, dumpsters, containers, press-containers...). Every intervention is planned to measure, ensuring packaging, labelling and transport of waste according to current legislation.

We support our customers, in document management, dealing with the issue of forms of waste that we carry or the verification of authorisations and permits required in cases of brokering, all in compliance with technical and legal requirements.

We can also support you in the activities of clearance of bulky offices ,warehouses and warehouses.

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