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Our multidisciplinary team of experts interacts with different targets and promotes a new environmental culture where every action is the result of responsible and conscious choices for communities and local areas.

We design our environmental and civic education courses as part of the educating community, mobilising meaningful learning and authentic, workshop-based experiences. Our educational proposals are developed in an active, research and experimental way and cover a wide range of topics including: education against waste, protection and recovery of resources, knowledge and respect for the environment. 

We are increasingly using integrated digital education (DDI, didattica digitale integrata) and new technologies to make distance learning projects viable. The courses we offer provide innovative, immediate and creative ways of learning and communicating that arouse interest and promote the acquisition of a new civic and ecological culture. We build pathways for our young people in which disciplinary knowledge is a means of acquiring multidisciplinary skills and competences capable of forming and promoting the global growth of tomorrow's citizens. 

Our corporate DNA, made up of social action, environmental action and interconnected action, is expressed in the new educational, cultural and professional profiles (PECUP; profilo educativo, culturale e professionale) of our adults of the future by offering them experiences that make them competent and ready to face locally with an entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation the global complexity of the contemporary world. CAUTO's expert trainers transform knowledge into action and know how in order to co-construct and co-design with schools inclusive, active and democratic participation paths that are based on more than twenty-five years of experience in social cooperation.

In an ever-changing and complex world, it is no longer sufficient to have knowledge that remains valid for a lifetime, but it is necessary to be open to continuous learning and open to the changes in the society in which we live. For this reason, our environmental training courses are also aimed at public or private bodies for whom we structure training proposals linked to the themes of integrated sustainability and a reduction in environmental impact, implementing best practices and promoting strategies and solutions inspired by the principles of the circular economy.

For more than 20 years we have been proposing awareness campaigns to spread a culture of responsibility towards the environment, convinced that caring for the planet and its limited resources can become a conscious and daily choice for each of us and that this is the most effective way to improve the quality of life and the well-being of our communities.

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Active projects

Naturalistic itineraries to the Park of the Hills and to the Civic Museum of Natural Sciences | A.S. 2023-24

The project offers two different educational proposals each articulated in various multidisciplinary activities.

1 - Routes in the Park of the Hills of Brescia (aimed at schools of the municipalities belonging to the P.L.I.S. - Bovezzo, Brescia, Cellatica, Collebeato, Rezzato and Rodengo Saiano) 6 hours per class.

To join the routes click here and fill out the online form preferably by 7 January 2024.

2 - Workshops at the Museum of Natural Sciences: 2 hours per section/class divided into three shifts from Monday to Friday.

The workshops are aimed at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools of 1 º degree of the city and province of Brescia.

To join the routes click here and fill out the online form preferably by 7 January 2024.


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Life SALVAGuARDiA è il progetto europeo ideato da CAUTO e finanziato nell’ambito di Life 2020 Call for Proposals from NGOs on the European Green Deal (NGO4GD) con il contributo di Fondazione Cariplo.

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